Why Walk?

1 in 6 babies born in the U.S. has a developmental delay or disability

Chances are you, your neighbor, friend or co-worker has a personal connection with someone who is struggling with a disability, and they need you to help guide them through. Your participation in Walk With Me will help ensure people with all types of disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in our community. Through Early Childhood Intervention, camps, education, therapy, training, technoloy and many more support services, Easter Seals provides help, hope, and answers to over 11,000 families living with disabilities in the Greater Houston area each year. This would not be possible wihtout assistance from community supporters like you. Join Easter Seals in taking on #DisabilityTogether!

Your support provides hope for children like Melody

At 11 weeks of pregnancy, Melody's mom received a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. This was just the beginning, as there were many complications throughout her entire pregnancy. Several times during pregnancy they came close to losing Melody, but miraculously she pulled through each time. Right after leaving the NICU, Melody's parents reached out to Easter Seals' Early Childhood Intervention program to schedule an evaluation. Shortly after, she started receiving both physical and occupational therapy from well-trained therapists at Easter Seals to help her develop. Melody is now able to walk, climb and feed herself. She gives enormous hugs all day long, wave's hello and goodbye, drinks out of a big girl cup, has learned how to fake laugh, blows the sweetest kisses, claps her darling, square shaped, little hands and says "Yay", along with several other words. Working alongside Easter Seals' therapists watching Melody meet milestone after milestone has been a life-changing experience for the family.

Your provision helps families like Melody's overcome the daily challenges that come along with having a disability. You provide hope for their future. You are the key to their success. With your support, we are able to take on #DisabilityTogether.

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Join Easter Seals in taking on #DisabilityTogether

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Enjoy a day at the zoo while benefiting a great cause! Every step you take helps connect children and adults with all types of disabilities to the services they desperately need. 


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Bring the forces! Create a team or join an existing team and walk with your friends, family and co-workers to provide HELP, HOPE, and ANSWERS for thousands of families in the Greater Houston area. Together you can make a huge impact in the lives of people with disabilities!

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Donate to a walker or make a general donation. Your gift will give children like Vincent, who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and autism, the opportunity to work with specialized therapists to find the right communication tools so he can work independently.



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