Honorary Ambassadors


Mica was born in December of 2016 with Down syndrome. Initially, his parents had a lot of questions in mind regarding how Mica would progress and what he would be able to accomplish.  These questions led them to proactively enroll Mica in Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Early Childhood Intervention Program at one month old so he could receive physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Over the past three years, Mica has made significant progress. He is now able to sit up, crawl and walk by himself.  His speech, comprehension, and self-help abilities have significantly grown and he has morphed into a social butterfly. His family has thoroughly enjoyed working with Easter Seals’ therapists, and is extremely thankful for their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to helping Mica reach his milestones.


Robert and his twin sister, Claire, were born prematurely at 24 weeks. Claire later passed, but Robert kept pushing despite many difficult health challenges. Among the worst was the brain hemorrhages he suffered, leading him to have cerebral palsy and significant global developmental delays. He uses a wheelchair to get around, as he cannot sit up or move on his own. His muscle weakness makes it difficult to eat; therefore, he gets his nourishment through a feeding tube. Robert’s parents struggled to find a place they could confidently send him to school until they found out about The Caroline School at Easter Seals. “Our lives have been forever changed for the better because of The Caroline School”, said Laura, Robert’s mom. This marks Robert’s third year at The Caroline School, and he is thriving. His vocabulary has skyrocketed, he loves to sing the alphabet and can now count to 20! Robert’s family could not ask for better teachers. “They care for every student and are genuinely happy and excited to be spending their days with our special kiddos. Seeing the grin on Robert’s face as he wheels into school makes my heart melt every time. We are incredible grateful for the services Easter Seals provides for so many”, said Laura.


Meagan is 21 years old. As a newborn, she was diagnosed with Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which caused her to lose her sight. She also has hearing loss in her left ear. Despite these conditions, Meagan is very happy and aspires to be a writer one day. Meagan is a part of Easter Seals’ Transition Program, which provides transition services for youth ages 16-27 with autism and mental health conditions. Through the Transition Program, Meagan has learned a lot about team work. She enjoys spending her time researching topics that she is interested in writing about on the internet, and is thankful to be part of Easter Seals’ Transition Program