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Melody is 18 months old and was born in a super traumatic, completely unplanned home birth.  She was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and Down syndrome at 11 weeks of pregnancy, and had multiple heart issues along the way. Several times during pregnancy they came close to losing Melody, but miraculously she pulled through each time. Melody was ready to make her way into this world surprising her parents with a 2am arrival in their home bathtub with no outside assistance. After her birth, she spent time in the NICU, overcame severe eating struggles and illnesses, two surgeries and much more. As soon as they left the NICU, Melody's parents reached out to Easter Seals' Early Childhood Intervention program to schedule an evaluation. Shortly after, she started receiving both physical and occupational therapy from well-trained therapists at Easter Seals to help her develop. Melody is now able to walk, climb and feed herself. She gives enormous hugs all day long, wave's hello and goodbye, drinks out of a big girl cup, has learned how to fake laugh, blows the sweetest kisses, claps her darling, square shaped, little hands and says "Yay", along with several other words. Working alongside Easter Seals' therapists watching Melody meet milestone after milestone has been a life-changing experience for the family.

Timothy and Thomas

Thomas and Timothy now one, were born seven weeks early in July of 2016 at about 4lbs each. They spent their first month and a half in the hospital NICU level II where doctors monitored their weight, acid reflux, projectile vomiting, and small heart murmurs. The twins were sent home days apart just before their original due date.

Due to their prematurity and size, they were recommended to Easter Seals for occupational, speech, physical, and nutritional therapy. The boys continued to progress at the same speed, hitting many milestones at the same time. With the help of their ES therapists, Tommy and Timmy crawled at nine months, walked at 11 months, and have put on about 10 lbs since coming home. They have been completely cleared for their heart murmur, have a handle on their acid reflux, and have realized their projectile vomiting was due to a food allergy in whey protein and soy.

With their progression Tommy and Timmy at 17lbs now receive quarterly monitoring visits for speech and physical therapy and monthly visits for nutrition. 


Layton is an active seven-year-old who is always smiling! At two years old, Layton's family was told by a doctor that he may never talk. At that time, they were referred to Easter Seals' BridgingApps program. They did not have a diagnosis and were extremely frustrated feeling they were at a loss of how to help Layton live, thrive and enjoy life. With the perseverance, dedication and expertise of Layton's speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist at Easter Seals, they were able to get a diagnosis of Apraxia of speech, Sensory Processing disorder and Hypotonia. Five years after becoming a part of the Easter Seals family, Layton is now talking, running and enjoying life to its fullest!

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